Here are some answers to questions that are most often asked from us. Please read through to see if the information you are looking for is listed here. If you do not find an answer to your question, then please contact us at info@visitkihnu.ee


Q: I’m looking for accommodation during my stay, where would you suggest? 
A: We have so many great places to stay on the island, all offering something a little bit different. Here is a list of our accommodations -  www.visitkihnu.ee/en/accommodation. If you do not find what you are looking for from the list, please write your enquiry to majutused@kihnu.ee.

Q: How can I get to Kihnu? 
A: Our ferry Kihnu Virve only departs from Munalaid harbour, which is about a 40km drive from Pärnu. If you are travelling without a car, then you can get to Munalaid from Pärnu by either bus or a taxi shuttle, depending on what ferry departure you are travelling with. Information on ferry departures and how to get to Kihnu from Munalaid can be found here - www.visitkihnu.ee/en/how-to-get-to-kihnu. We suggest checking the ferry homepage before your departure for any notice on possible delays or cancellations due to weather. Information and ferry tickets can be purchased here - www.veeteed.com/#/en/.

Q: Can you please organize accommodation and a tour for myself/our group during our stay?
A: Visit Kihnu is an organization, which provides and promotes information regarding local events, culture and businesses. Our goal is to support all businesses equally and therefore cannot refer one business over another. While we do not offer organization services, we are more than happy to provide you with the necessary information so that you can plan a personalized stay in Kihnu.

Q: What events are taking place that we could attend during our stay?
A: Our event calendar can be found here and is updated often throughout the year - www.visitkihnu.ee/en/events. For a list of annual events that take place on the island, please look here - www.visitkihnu.ee/en/annual-events.

Q: I’ll be visiting during the winter season. Where can I get something to eat?
A: Restaurants on Kihnu are only open during the summer season (mostly June-August), they are listed here - www.visitkihnu.ee/en/food-and-dining-places. We do have two local grocery shops, from where it is possible to purchase some food. Kihnu pood and Kurase - www.visitkihnu.ee/en/shops. Another option is to ask from your accommodation, whether they provide meal services as well. 

Q: Is there an ATM on the island?
A: Unfortunately there is no ATM on the island, however it is possible to pay with card in our shops. Still, it is wise to bring some cash with you to the island, just in case.

Q: I’d like to meet with locals on the island. Where can I see them? 
A: Kihnu locals can be seen at most cultural events taking place on the island. If you are hoping for a closer meeting, we suggest writing one of our local guides, who can help organize. Local guides are listed here - www.visitkihnu.ee/en/tourist-information-guides.


If you did not find the information you were looking for, please contact us at info@visitkihnu.ee.