How to get to Kihnu?

You can travel to Kihnu as follows.

1. By the car and passenger ferry Kihnu Virve from the Munalaiu harbour.
View the timetable and ticket prices on the web page of AS Kihnu Veeteed.
A coach line operates between Pärnu and Munalaid and back. The timetable is available at the T-pilet ticket portal: Pärnu - Munalaid harbour and Munalaid harbour - Pärnu.
You can leave your car at the Munalaid harbour’s paid parking lot.

When the ferry is full or you want to have a more exciting journey, pick:

  • Water transportation on the Kihnu-Munalaid-Kihnu line

The vessel seats up to 6 people.
The journey lasts 15–30 minutes depending on the weather. A one-way ticket costs 60 euros. To Kihnu and back ... in a heartbeat!
Information and booking: +372 522 1707 Rainer

  • Manija Mann

The vessel seats 12 people.
Estimated crossing to Kihnu takes 30 minutes. Unscheduled trips upon order, one-way trip to Kihnu costs 170 euros. Waiting hour 60 euros
Clients are expected to pay for unscheduled trips on the spot in cash, with the exception of contractual clients.
Manija Mann’s boat master +372 520 7968

  • Orisselja August

The speedboat seats 4 people.
The ride lasts about 30 minutes. A one-way ticket costs 40 euros.
Information +372 5631 7538

  • 5137099 Käthlin or 5082467 Olavi

Munalaid-Kihnu, Kihnu-Munalaid
The journey lasts 15–30 minutes depending on the weather
1-3 people 60 € one-way
4-6 people 80 € one-way