Fishing trips

If you think that fish tastes good, then imagine how good does the fish taste that you have caught yourself? In Kihnu, it is possible to find out. Those interested can go on a fishing trip with a fishing leader in order to get an idea of the daily life of Kihnu fishermen. The fishing trip consists of two parts. In the first part you will sail to the sea, where fishing nets are dropped and in the second part, they are brought out. After that, the fish is collected and nets cleaned. If you are lucky, there is fish – that is the life of a fisherman. The catch belongs to the visitor fishermen who caught the fish and who get to decide if they will take the fresh fish home or have it smoked or grilled.

Both of the fishing trips take about an hour and a half. A fisherman is like a captain on a ship, who is responsible for the passengers and decides whether the weather is suitable for fishing.
It is also possible to go on a fishing trip in the winter but then with a sleigh to try fishing from an ice hole.