Recreation area at Suaru harbour

When the white ferry Kihnu Virve brings visitors to Kihnu, Suaru Port is the first place they see. Before you go to explore the island, you might want to think about the fact that there was no port in Kihnu in the old times. People and goods were transported from ships to the shore by boats and horses and there was no chance of getting to the island with dry feet.

A port was built in Kihnu only in 1938 but it cannot be compared to the port that is here today. Today, Kihnu has a nice and tidy port area, where there is a market building, children's playground and rest area. The market offers local food, handicraft, and ice cream. Nearby, there is an outdoor café where you can have a picnic or just spend a nice time and enjoy the port buzz and the view. And the view of the sea from every direction is worth enjoying! Children also have a lot to do at the port. Immediately, they can become sailors and pirates as there is a boat-shaped climbing attraction.

The port has an automatic petrol station that also serves yachts; there is an outside map and a tourist office, where the visitors can find all the necessary information.

The sea gate of the island is a place where everyone can feel good and say hello and goodbye to the island.