The workshops taking place at the Kihnu Museum gather everything that is related to Kihnu culture: handicraft, dialect, singing and dancing. It is possible to order workshops where you can learn how to use weaving looms, sew Kihnu traditional jacket or knit netting, but also ribbon plaiting, bead-making and wool carding.

The handicraft workshops that are meant for the locals are more thorough. For example, they learn bobbin lace and belt weaving in order to expand the circle of people with certain skills and keep these fading skills alive.

Visitors of the island are mostly interested in dancing and singing workshops – and no wonder, as this is fun for everybody.

Families with children enjoy Sunday morning workshops where they bake traditional Kihnu bread. During the time that the dough is resting and bread cooking, they can learn ribbon plaiting and see the museum.

The newly built museum shed allows doing so-called dirtier works in better conditions: tanning, yarn dyeing, basket weaving or making shavings for kindling.

The arrangement of workshops is flexible. You just need to make your wishes heard and suitable activities are then put together.

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